About Us


We has been researching, developing, innovating and marketing forward-looking and integrated solution for the wood industry for over 30 years now. Apart from expanding the production capacity, the company produced new product lines to become a complete wood construction and interior material business. The companies also developed both design and quality and never stop improving the efficiency of labor and the quality of our products.


SUNRISE ENTERPRISE CO. (JM 0021579-T) was established since 1978.

Our company always trying the best to maintains the exact standards of our wooden materials for construction and home decoration. All along, we have been behind the success of many construction firms, real estate enterprise and civil engineers. And we are pleased to be a part of that. We are well aware that using quality materials in construction or decoration advances other construction works as well as benefits for customers in saving the maintenance cost in the future. Natural wood will be the first class.


Our privately held company emphasizes cooperation, interaction and communication among our employees, suppliers and customers. By working together so we can ensure that the progressive of construction works can go smoothly and perfectly completed.


In order to ensure our company’s timber products, we provide professional advice, quotation and measurement on all of timber frame, timber door, timber window, timber flooring, furniture etc. we have professional team for installation, lacquer or even painting for all of our various timber products.

We even have an after sale services team for any uncertainty circumstances, for examples cracking, shrinkage, warping or any defect of our products. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of goods, we have teams of people will do the inspection before the good deliver to site and another inspection after the goods were delivered to the construction site. (All of our solid timber products which are exposed directly to sunlight or rain/water, we will meeting and discuss with our client for better solution).


Timber is natural grown product, subject to changes due to variation of humidity and temperature; we try to ensure that has been prepared to make it suitable and become durable.

OUR Timber Products

Our company is a comprehensive source for reliable timbers to making wooden doors, windows, wooden frame, solid timber flooring, indoor and outdoor furniture. Lastly, our main concern is the servicing customer after sale. We can guarantee that we have enough experience service team to serve our customer better and satisfy customer’s need!

The Sunrise Timber Products have been regarded quality products for over 30 years. Basically, it is made from Chengal wood, Merbau wood, Balau wood, Kapur wood, Nyatoh wood, Meranti wood, Melunak wood, and Burmese teak wood. It’s is suitable to use for indoors and outdoors. It is produced to suit the need of the house owners, architects, engineers and interior designers who seek for quality wooden products for their exquisite and long lasting work costs no extra maintenance expense later. In 2008, Sunrise was become one of the selective distributor of HAFELE (German well-known architectural hardware & furniture fitting).

The Design: we design different patterns to go with different kinds of building and purposes of use. Each pattern has its fixed size and design since every pattern suits with different sizes. We select only quality wood in our production process.