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Process Flow/Production

The moisture of wood is a factor that causes the wood to shrink depending on the climate. As time passes, the moisture will gradually decreased by the sun and the heat. However, the moisture can evaporate if the wood is painted. Consequently, the wood will shrink until the moisture decrease to a steady level and crack.

For this reason, the wood that we use must be either sir-dried or kilndried, and has the moisture at 10-15 percent. Every piece of wood will be tested by the standard moisture measure machine. The dried wood will then be classified subject to its quality. In the production process, we use only standard machine and our special technique such as fully joining which will strengthen the door and prevent the distortion.


Wooden door, window, solid timber flooring or fencing is easy to be installed as it is well fit. On the other hand, it is also easy to install other hardware onto our product.


It is easy to out a glass in the door, window or balcony fencing. Because of the special technique we use, it is easy to remove the put back in the eye-brow edging.


As the Sunrise products can be better the quality of painting or lacquer since it is very smooth. This will help reducing the labor cost as well.


as the Sunrise door and window doesn’t shrink or distort, you can open or close them smoothly. Besides of this, our door and window never cracks so it is always look beautiful and costs no further maintenance expense.